Dead woman forgotten in accident car

Manama: Saudi Arabia’s interior minister has ordered an investigation into how the body of a woman who was killed in a traffic accident was left inside the impounded car for five hours before it was discovered.

Zahia Bint Jaber Aseeri, a 48-year-old teacher and mother of seven, was riding with her son Hassan Aseeri when their car collided with another vehicle on the Abha-Mahayel highway in southwest Saudi Arabia at around 2pm.

According to one witness, three people were injured in the collision and the paramedics rescued Hassan who was driving the car and who was badly injured and two people in the other vehicle

However, when the traffic policeman got in the tinted car, he took details about Hassan and then asked traffic servicemen to tow the vehicle away to the traffic yard where impounded cars are kept, without checking the back seats where the mother was lying, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Sunday.

Ibrahim Shar, the husband of the deceased woman and Hassan’s stepfather, said that the accident occurred on Friday.

“My wife and her son Hassan were heading to Abha where they lived,” he was quoted as saying. “Unfortunately, she is now dead and Hassan is at the intensive care unit. After the accident, the competent authorities came to the site and took the car to the traffic yard. At around 7pm, they found my wife inside the car. They learnt about her existence when Hassan’s brother asked about his mother at the hospital.”

The husband said that he was shocked when he saw dried blood on his wife’s face when she was taken to the hospital.

“It was a very painful sight,” he said, adding that they had been married for 12 years and that they did not have children together.

The husband said that he did not accuse anyone and that he pardoned whoever was behind his wife’s death.

Zahia was buried on Saturday afternoon. She was particularly mourned by her colleagues and school officials who paid rich homage to her character as a person, a mother and a teacher.

Interior ministry investigators are expected to start their probe on Sunday and to submit a report that will determine responsibilities ahead of legal action against those found guilty of negligence, Saudi news site Sabq reported.

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