Deal inked to develop students’ musical talent

Ministry of Education and Paris-Sorborne University Abu Dhabi to establish musical academy in Emirati schools

The memorandum was signed for the Ministry of Education by H.E. Marwan Al Sawaleh, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Academic Affairs, and professor Eric Fouache Director of the university in the Ministry Diwan – Dubai.COURTESY Ministry of Education

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Education and Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi recently signed a memorandum of understanding to develop students’ talents in the fields of musical arts.

The development will be done through providing experts and specialists by the university, organising professional courses for students to provide them musical skills, and developing a strategic plan for the National Student Orchestra and a preliminary vision of the ‘Musical Academy’ for UAE schools within the professional course.

The memorandum was signed for the ministry by Marwan Al Sawaleh, undersecretary for Academic Affairs, and Professor Eric Fouache, vice-chancellor of the university.

Al Sawaleh said the ministry seeks, through the memorandum, to form an incubating environment to refine the musical talents of Emirati school students. This will add a new perspective in the student’s academic knowledge and experience in various study stages, considering the reputation of Sorbonne University in this field.

Al Sawaleh added that the memorandum will provide an enrichment curriculum, besides training the talented students, and make available an approved training for the trainees in the Model Emirati Schools.

Professor Fouache said: “We’re proud to cooperate with the Ministry of Education to highlight the importance of education and musical culture in the educational work.”

He added: “We have a great interest in arts and music as we believe in the key role played to enrich the culture of a society … the launching of the cultural and musical initiatives is no doubt a promising step for students to sustain their artistic and musical skills through participating in a musical ceremony, “Orchestra”, that will be organised by the ministry.”


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