DHA launches Innovation and Artificial Intelligence strategy

DUBAI, 14th May, 2018 (WAM) — The Dubai Health Authority, DHA, launched the Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, AI, strategy during the 7th DHA Transformation Forum on Monday.

The DHA also launched the AWTAAD initiative, which aims to qualify over 120 DHA employees – including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, IT professionals and administration staff – in project management in healthcare.

The 7th edition of the DHA Transformation Forum aims to provide the DHA programme and initiative leaders with a platform to discuss the DHA’s developmental strategy. This year, healthcare innovation experts from Sweden were invited to the forum to share their experiences and skills in the field of healthcare.

The forum was inaugurated by Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the DHA, in the presence of Henrik Landerholm, Ambassador of Sweden to the UAE, and health officials including Dr, Mohammad Al Redha, Director of Organisational Transformation at the DHA.

During the forum, the DHA announced the launch of its innovation and AI framework, which consists of four main themes that include enriching the culture of innovation inside the authority, improving the innovation governance and processes, and the main innovation pillars, which will contribute to happier stakeholders.

The strategy consists of four main objectives with 21 strategic initiatives that aim to contribute to the achievement of the DHA innovation mission. It includes “harnessing creativity and innovation by generating and transforming ideas into reality to deliver value-based and sustainable healthcare services through engaging all partners and stakeholders.”

The strategy is aligned with the Dubai Plan 2021, the UAE innovation strategy and the AI strategy.

At the forum, the DHA also launched the AWTAAD initiative and signed a MoU with The Project Management Institute – UAE Chapter, to train over 120 employees of the DHA, on the DHA’s Organisational Project Management framework in Project Management, Programme Management, Portfolio Management and Risk Management.

The initiative aims to develop a project manager’s competency development framework, define the required skills and levels for healthcare project managers, develop a criterion to select and assign project managers to the projects according to the nature of the project, develop a training plan based on the competency gaps, and deliver training through the DHA-qualified training staff.

The MoU was signed by Al Qutami and Laila Faridoon in her capacity as Chair of The Project Management Institute – UAE Chapter.

Commenting on the strategy, Al Qutami said it is going to be the cornerstone of all its projects and initiatives that aim to acquire artificial intelligence to serve the objectives of the DHA, its projects and development programmes.

Regarding the AWTAAD initiative and the MoU signed to promote the objectives of the initiative, Al Qutami said human capital is the key to the development of the health sector, which is why the DHA harnesses all its efforts and capabilities to develop the skills of its members.

Dr. Mohammad Al Redha, Director of Organisational Transformation at the DHA, said the forum saw discussions on many topics and held many workshops such as the “innovation in the delivery of diabetes treatment workshop.”

The future of Oncology care in Dubai was also discussed during the forum as it is the third leading cause of death in the UAE after cardiovascular diseases and injuries and is of high priority on the National Health Agenda and the Dubai Plan 2021.

Meanwhile, the DHA transformation team conducted an interdisciplinary workshop with the aim of increasing awareness among policymakers, strategists, clinicians, scientists, health funding and the wider healthcare and cancer community, about current opportunities and challenges in the delivery of high-quality cancer care in Dubai, and highlighted key focus areas and action plans to jointly work for the future.

As part of the organisational transformation forum, the prevention and healthy lifestyle programme hosted an interactive session with relevant stakeholders to provide an overview on the strategic objectives of the programme and the various initiatives within the programme.

A roundtable discussion on the Oral and Dental Care Programme part of the DHA strategy of 2016-2021 also took place at the forum.

The main topic of discussion included the strategy to improve the oral health of the population of Dubai, develop supportive policies and discuss ways to raise the level of oral health literacy in the community.

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