Donkey tortured in Pakistan dies, social media users furious

Hero was handed to the animal rescue centre Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) in Karachi on July 16.

Dubai: Hero, a donkey that had suffered abuse at the hands of political supporters in Pakistan, has died and left social media users in the country furious.

On July 16, Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) in Karachi had received the injured donkey, who was tortured after supporters of a political party wrote the name of a political opponent on his body. Today (July 23), the animal rescue centre posted an update on their Facebook page confirming that the animal had died.

They wrote: “Our Hero just passed away. Shame on us for doing this to him and not being able to curtail this menace of torture and abuse of animals and human beings alike. We are to be blamed for not bothering to raise our voices for the most ignored, neglected and tortured inhabitants of our society. We have to think and act upon this, there cannot be and should not be more Heroes who suffer at the hands of humans.”

In less than four hours, the post had been shared more than 1,400 times and social media users on Facebook and Twitter are asking for justice.

Tweep @logicator94 wrote: “I pray the ones responsible for his death be punished and we all can witness it.”

@Eye_m_jessica tweeted: “What could we expect from humans! Animals do deserve equal rights as we as humans do. An innocent life over naya Pakistan (new Pakistan). #RIP #HERO #AnimalRights”

Tweep @RebikaRaj added: “Today I feel disgrace to be called a human. You guys can’t just be patriotic and ask for new Pakistan and beat these little souls for your pleasure. I wish they could speak for their rights. This is disgusting. Shame on the human race. #AnimalRights #Hero #RIP”

Mona Husain posted on Facebook: “I dont think I’ve cried for any human as much as I have for this guy. Speechless helpless beings. He’s truly in a better place. Just wish he was in a better world.”

There were many who continued to praise the animal rescue centre for trying to help the donkey.

Since he was found, ACF has been posting constant updates about Hero on their Facebook page. From his first day there, to him finally being able to eat on his own and finally, the news of his passing, their followers were constantly clued in to the updates and kept rooting for the animal.

Sabeen Jatoi posted on Facebook: “I think he must have had such a mixed view of humans. On the one hand the heartless violence he was subjected to for no reason and on the other, the ACF crew who personify compassion and kindness.”

Facebook users Marium Sara Nizami posted: “Ashamed at what humans can do but at the same time, glad that you people showed him what humanity is and rather than dying on the streets, he saw a glimpse of a decent life, love and care and passed on with lots of love around him. Thank you for your efforts!”

Tweep @ayenewafa wrote: “Thank you all for taking care of Hero. He was unlucky to be born among monsters, but lucky to have found a family of kind people like yourselves in his last moments. RIP Hero”

Some social media users questioned whether there was a law against animal abuse in the country.

Tweep @shehryarali asked: “Is there no law against cruelty to animals? Can’t those who killed him be brought to justice?”

Facebook user Syeda Nimra Shakir wrote: “It won’t stop like this. Some serious law should be passed and animal rights body should have the authority and power to force the government to make a law on it.”

However, there is already a law against animal abuse in the country. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1890, has strict punishments for the protection of animals from human brutality. In January, the fines that were being imposed for animal cruelty were increased, too.


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