Dos and don’ts for Burj Khalifa New Year bash

Dubai Police will not issue fines for minor traffic offences, but people told to obey rules

Dubai: Officials on Wednesday announced the dos and don’ts for people attending Dubai’s official New Year celebrations at Downtown Dubai.

People should reach early to witness the laser show and other events taking place at Burj Khalifa and surrounding areas but should not carry big suitcases or any cooking devices to the venue, said Brigadier Abdullah Ali Al Gaithi, director of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency at Dubai Police.

No barbecuing or cooking will be allowed at the venue and cooking equipment will be confiscated, he said at a press conference.

People are, however, allowed to bring in snacks and sandwiches.

Motorists should not park vehicles in the middle of the road or on the side of road, but only in designated parking areas, Brig Al Gaithi said.

Motorists and pedestrians were also urged to facilitate the flow of traffic for ambulances and emergency vehicles in case of any emergencies.

He said Dubai Police will not issue fines against people making minor traffic offences. “No minor fines will be imposed on violators at the event. Our aim is not to impose fines but to facilitate the traffic and crowd movement and provide protection to the people,” he said.

“If it [violation] is something big, we can stop them and fine them. We are expecting the people to respect the law.”

Brigadier Rashid Khalifa Bin M. Buflasa, assistant director-general for Fire and Rescue at Dubai Civil Defence, said smoking is allowed only in designated areas. “We don’t want people to smoke in other areas and people should not throw garbage around. They should discard them in the bins provided.”

He also urged the public not to push each other, especially while leaving the area after the event. “We expect the people to obey the instructions of officials on site.”

App to help

Dubai will use a mobile application for this year’s New Year event management.

The Event’s Security Committee App of Dubai Police will guide people on how to reach the event area, where to park and how to go back to their vehicles after the event, officials said.

It will also provide information about other services like ATMs and restaurants in the event area.

Dubai Police will also keep updating the public through its social media channels about crowded areas, traffic congestions, areas designated for families and bachelors etc.

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