Driver jailed for causing death of cyclist in Dubai

Court orders motorist to pay Dh200,000 blood money for speeding accident in modified car

Dubai: A 22-year-old Emirati driver was sentenced to six months in prison and a Dh12,000 fine for causing death to an Emirati woman cyclist who died in a run-over accident while she was training in Meydan area, a Dubai Traffic Court heard on Sunday.

Mizna Abbullah Ali, a member of Al Wathba cyclist team, was training for the NAS sport tournament when a speeding car crashed into her from behind, killing her at 10:35pm on May 23 this year.

Her body was found 13 meters away, in the left lane of the road and her bike in the middle lane.

The Emirati driver of the car was charged with accidentally causing her death, damaging properties, driving a vehicle with expired registration, modifying the vehicle, using darker tint and racing with another vehicle.

Presiding Judge Ahmad Fathi Salama ordered the driver to pay Dh200,000 blood money to the cyclist’s family and the freezing of his driving licence for three years, after he served his jail term.

Prosecutor Salah Bu Farousha Al Felasi, head of the Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution, said that the Emirati driver was driving a four wheel-drive vehicle, when he rammed into the cyclist.

“The defendant was driving a vehicle with darker tinted windows, an expired registration license and modified engine without permission. He was racing with another unknown vehicle on the road without permission,” Al Felasi said.

Investigations revealed that the defendant was speeding on the three-lane road, when he tried to overtake on the hard shoulder and ran over the Emirati cyclist.

“She suffered serious injuries and died immediately. Her body was found 13 metres away from the accident spot,” Al Felasi added.

According to court records, the car driver denied the charges, saying that he was driving within speed limits when he was taken by surprise as the cyclist appeared less than three metres in front of his car.

“I hit the brakes at once, but she was accidentally hit by the left side of the car. I can’t remember if the bike had rear lights on it or not,” he said.

He said he called police and reported the accident.

“I was driving safely and not distracted or using a mobile phone. The road is not dedicated for bikes,” he said.

Meanwhile, the defendant’s lawyer told the Dubai Traffic Court that charges against the cycling team’s supervisor should be filed, because he violated Dubai Executive Council’s decree and failed to take safety measures by arranging for the cyclists to train in dedicated paths.

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