Driver jailed for scratching policeman’s hands

Dubai: A driver has been jailed for six months for offending a policeman inside a police station and scratching his hands with his nails while pushing him away.

The 27-year-old Egyptian driver, who was involved in a car accident, visited a police station for three consecutive days to get an accident report in November.

On the third visit, the Egyptian defendant got irritated and behaved inadequately when he was told that his accident file was being handled by another policeman.

The defendant indulged in a heated argument with the duty policeman and offended him in front of other visitors at the station.

When the policeman asked the defendant to mind his language and remain calm and polite, the defendant cursed him. When the policeman tried to stop the defendant from leaving his office, he pushed him and scratched on his palms with his nails.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the accused of cursing and assaulting a policeman and jailed him for six months.

The defendant had pleaded not guilty and refuted the charge of offending and assaulting the policeman.

“I did not do that,” he contended in the court.

According to the primary sentence, the accused will be deported after serving his jail term.

The policeman testified that the incident happened inside the police station at 3pm.

“The accused walked into the office and said that he had been visiting the station for three days after his involvement in an accident … the lieutenant asked me to take him to the investigation office and attend to his inquiry regarding the accident. When I asked him for his papers, he got irritated and turned rowdy. I asked him to remain calm but he said that he was disrespected and treated inhumanly. As I was walking out to inform the lieutenant about what he had said, the defendant tried to leave the office. I asked him to remain seated but he did not respond. As I tried to hold his hand to refrain him from leaving the office, he pushed me repeatedly and scratched my hands with his nails,” the policemen said.

The accused has appealed his punishment and a trial will be held before the Appeal Court soon.

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