Dubai Competitiveness Office announces digital platform

DUBAI, 15th September, 2018 (WAM) — The Dubai Competitiveness Office, DCO, in the Department of Economic Development, DED, Dubai, has announced plans to launch ‘The Future of Competitiveness Platform,’ the first interactive digital platform of its kind, which will track competitiveness data and indicators worldwide and benchmark Dubai’s competitiveness to support decision-making in the local public and private sectors.

Set to be launched in the second half of 2019, the digital platform will consolidate all competitiveness data into a single repository where the most relevant reports and indicators will be easily accessible to the government and private sector. The platform will be an integral component of the DCO strategy to build a unique and consistent environment for tracking and managing the competitiveness factors across Dubai, thus supporting the leadership in identifying policies and programmes that would firmly position Dubai on the global competitiveness map.

“The launch of the digital platform is part of our strategy to promote business competitiveness and sustainable economic growth in Dubai,” said Hani Al Hamli, Secretary-General, Dubai Competitiveness Office.

“Tracking international competitiveness data and indicators will enable Dubai to use such knowledge in drawing up future plans and developing growth strategies in the short and medium term as well as in building partnerships with stakeholders. Decisions will thus become prompt and precise, eventually leading to greater satisfaction for the services available and overall customer happiness,” he added.

The platform will rely on six key international indices on the economy and competitiveness of Dubai in comparison to the rest of the world. The six indicators are related to Dubai’s competitiveness as per the framework and methodology of the World Competitiveness Centre; Cities’ Global Competitiveness; Global Talent Report; Global Innovation Index for Cities, and Ease of Doing Business, in addition to other global indices related to the vision and strategies of Dubai and the UAE.

The development of the platform will include four main phases and varied procedures, including defining the uses and functionalities; design and data research; developing concept and showcase for the National Agenda; further concept and design iterations, and full design and development of the platform.

“The Future of Competitiveness Platform will be a dynamic system where data will be periodically and continuously updated to display reliable information in a sophisticated yet simplified format. It will include a series of tools to track the competitiveness indicators and use available data for benchmarking and research,” Al Hamli added.

The Dubai Competitiveness Office seeks to demonstrate Dubai’s economic and social capabilities through studies, strategies, systems and policies that keep abreast of global best practices and contribute to creating an internationally competitive investment environment that promotes economic activity, prosperity and sustainable development in Dubai.

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