Dubai elderly honoured on International Day of Older Persons

Authority to offer more community-based care and inclusion programmes for the elderly

Dubai: The Community Development Authority in Dubai (CDA) on Monday honoured elderly Emiratis on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons.

The global celebration held annually every October 1 that aims to increase awareness about the importance of protecting and integrating older people in the community and developing plans and programmes to enable them to contribute their expertise in various areas of life.

CDA said this year’s celebration is an important turning point in its strategy toward elderly’s services. CDA recently started adopting community-based care and inclusion programmes for the elderly based on collaboration with individuals and entities.

The number of people over the age of 60 is expected to reach around two billion by 2050, making them an important segment of the population that cannot be marginalised or overlooked when developing any service or project, said Huraiz Al Mur Bin Huraiz, CEO Social Care and Development Sector in CDA.

“The development of a sustainable system for elderly inclusion and protection is not limited to laws and policies issued by the government or to services allocated by a particular party. It is an integrated work involving all members of the society, its institutions, its civil associations and its members. At CDA, we work to identify the needs and requirements for completing this sustainable system,” Bin Huraiz said.

During the ceremony, CDA revealed its achievements over the past years in the services provided to the elderly. The number of beneficiaries of the Thukher card, which is a privilege card catering to the elderly in Dubai, and provides a package of services and facilities in cooperation with 123 governmental and private bodies, has reached 6,614.

The number of beneficiaries of the daycare service “Waleef”, which is provided to elderly who live alone in Dubai are 262, with more than 32,905 miscellaneous service provided so far.

And since its establishment in 2014, Thukher Social Club has received around 237 male and female elderly, the number of internal activities of the club reached 12,488 activities and the number of external activities was more than 385 during this period.

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