Dubai Hospital surgeons repair ruptured heart wall

Dubai: Heart surgeons at the Dubai Hospital literally sewed back a ruptured heart wall to save the life of a 58-year-old patient in a first of its kind surgery that took five hours. The highly complicated surgery was conducted by surgeons Bassik Zamkan and Fayaz Khazi of the cardiothoracic surgery department at Dubai Hospital.

The patient, an Indian expatriate, was admitted to the emergency and trauma Centre at Rashid Hospital with severe chest pain and critically low blood pressure. He had a rupture in the wall of his left chamber. Doctors diagnosed him with an acute myocardial infarction that was causing an impending rupture to the free back wall of the left side of his heart and a critically stenotic right coronary artery.

Following his diagnosis, the patient was transferred to Dubai Hospital for an emergency open-heart surgery as he was in a very critical condition and required an increased amount of heart medication to support his critically low blood pressure.

Dr Al Zamkan said this kind of heart disease is not only rare but also has a high mortality rate, which is why the patient had to undergo a timely and immediate open-heart surgery to treat the ruptured wall of the heart as well as coronary artery bypass using a grafting procedure.

He also commended the cooperation and coordination between the heart experts at Rashid and Dubai hospitals regarding the diagnosis and treatment of the patient to ensure that the right medical decision and treatment is taken to treat the case.

The patient was then transferred to intensive care unit in a stable condition for recovery.

Dr Maryam Mohammad Al Rayssi, CEO of Dubai Hospital, congratulated the team and said: “the positive outcome of this procedure is due to the highly qualified personal staff as well as the unlimited support from the Rashid and Dubai hospital’s Heart Team. It is because of our skilled teams that we are able to do these kind of high-risk complicated cases successfully and at par with international standards.


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