Dubai Municipality denies rumour about baby oil

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has denied the presence of Aristocrat Baby Oil, which has been rumoured to contain allergens, in the local market.

The Public Health and Safety Department urged caution about the rumours about products that cannot be found in the local market, following rumours in social media about the use of Aristocrat Baby Oil. The department has confirmed that the product is not registered in the UAE and is not available for official display or sale either in the emirate of Dubai or in the UAE markets in general.

The department pointed out that these oils are effectively controlled to ensure that the products are safe and comply with the requirements and procedures adopted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country. Dubai Municipality, through the recall and inspection systems, monitors the products by tracking the status of consumer products that may affect consumer safety at the local, regional and international levels and awareness is provided on an ongoing basis.

The municipality appealed to all individuals and establishments to quickly report either through the Montaji app or by contacting the Municipality Call Centre on 800900 regarding the safety and registration of consumer products.

The official clarification comes within the “Authentic News” initiative launched on Dubai Municipality portal, which aims to reduce the circulation of rumours that are spread through social media and to correct false news and malicious rumours and address them quickly.

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