Dubai Municipality gears up to meet rainy days

Dubai: Dubai Municipality teams are ready for the rains after implementing precautionary measures and preparedness plans, the civic body said on Thursday.

Talib Julfar, CEO of Dubai Municipality for Infrastructure Services Sector, said that the municipality has completed all technical preparations before the rainy season, in coordination with the strategic partners to manage the operations of the discharge of water during rainfall.

“The rainwater drainage system in the city of Dubai is dependent on an infrastructure system that begins with no less than 72,000 drainages, what some call “rainwater drain holes” and through a complex network of pipes and inspection rooms, referred to as “manholes” to pumping stations.”

“The system ends by pumping surface and rain water through stations to the final destination, the artificial lakes or the sea. There are 51 pumping stations in Dubai, which are fully supervised, operated, controlled and maintained by Dubai Municipality,” he said.

With regard to the preparations for areas that are currently not connected to the drainage network, a fleet of 86 mobile pumping units with different capacities are kept ready, equipped to be used when needed and some of the pumps have been transported to sites where water is likely to be collected in the event of heavy rainfall or thunderstorms. In addition to that, 41 tankers are also ready to serve the unconnected areas.

The municipality has urged residents to report waterlogging during rains by contacting its call centre at 800900 or through Dubai 24/7 App.

The average monthly rainfall in Dubai recorded in the last four decades at the weather station at the Dubai International Airport in the month of November is 4.4mm, rising to 15.8mm in December and January 15.8mm, and further going up to 20mm in February and 23.1mm in March.

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