Dubai Police cases for bad debt start after three missed payments

My family and I lived in Dubai for more than 13 years and relocated to Australia in 2012. We are about to apply for our Australian citizenship, for which they require a police clearance certificate. I had outstanding loans and cards when leaving Dubai but continued paying until I settled in full. However, while paying I missed a few months and also was not able to get closure certificates. Before applying for a police clearance certificate in the UAE embassy, I wanted to know whether any police case is registered against me. Is that something you do? Or how can I do it? TM, Australia

This newspaper does not make personal enquiries of this nature for readers. A bank will usually only register a police case against someone for bad debt when three payments have been missed and there is no communication with the borrower. TM can ask the banks with whom he had the loans and credit cards, but it would also be wise to double-check with Dubai Police. He can ask a friend who is in Dubai to go to one of the main police stations with a copy of his passport, or the one that was current at the time he was living here, to ask if there are any cases registered. A letter of authority won’t do any harm and while they may have to wait a while, all the information should be on the police database. While detailed information will not be released to a third party, the police can confirm if there are any cases outstanding on their system.

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