Dubai Police chief reviews security at gold souq

Officers undertake field visit to develop security solutions for gold and jewellery sector

Dubai: Traders and jewellers at the Dubai Gold Souq praised the Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief for visiting the market on Tuesday, terming the tour as a reassuring step and means of open communication with security agencies.

Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri reviewed safety and security measures at the souq with officers and met with Tawhid Abdullah, chairman of the Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group, in the presence of other group members.

“The visit aims to review security measures in the market and to enhance communication channels with traders. Coordination between government and private bodies help to attain a high level of security,” Maj-Gen Al Merri said.

He said Dubai Police look forward to developing security solutions with the help of partners in the gold, banking and money exchange sectors.

Abdullah said: “Dubai Police are doing an outstanding job in securing and providing safety to all residents in Dubai. They are keen to protect people and property,” he said.

The visit came after Gulf News reported in March that Dubai Police had established an innovation lab to study and develop new security systems which would be available for jewellery and gold shops so that there would be zero crimes in the sector.

Recent innovations

Dubai Police invited the people working in the gold, banking and money exchange sectors to see the innovations and encouraged them to use them in order to protect their property and money.

Innovations like the unbreakable safe, for example, is a new invention tested in the lab by the police. The safe cannot be broken into and is explosion-proof.

Another development is a lock for display shelves in jewellery shops which has a security code that sends an alarm to the police command room in case of a robbery attempt.

If the owner enters an extra code, the lock will open after 60 seconds but only after sending an alarm to the command room.

Another powerful system is a smoke machine that can generate thick smoke to cover the shop in three seconds during a break-in attempt so that the criminals will have very low visibility.

There is also a security system called ‘Distracting Device’ that sounds a loud alarm and distracts the intruder with bright flashing lights.

A device called ‘City Guard’, which is an invention by a policeman, has attached surveillance cameras to record the robbery and also includes movement sensors linked to the police command room and set off an alarm with lights.

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