Dubai police issues warning on free online games

Do you play Candy Crush or any other free games online? Read this warning from Dubai police

Online games aren’t just addictive, they can expose your privacy, too.

Dubai:  UAE residents have been warned against playing with free games online, as they can potentially expose themselves, particularly their hard-earned money, to hackers and fraudsters.

Online gaming, including answering quizzes on social media platforms, has become a popular way to pass the time for most people.

Whether they’re on the metro or bus, at home or even on holiday, they’re constantly on their device, and many are probably trying to crack Candy Crush, QuizUp, Fortnite Battle Royal or any other popular game online.

Such games are indeed entertaining and engaging, not to mention addictive. But the problem with games on the internet, especially the ones that are free, is that they can expose users to hackers, making them more prone to identity theft and financial fraud.

Passwords, login credentials, date of birth, and email address can easily be accessed and sold to third parties.

In a new advisory issued on social media, the Dubai Police confirmed that most games that are easily accessible online and offered free of charge tend to exploit users’ personal information.

“Most free online games make profit through collecting and exploiting personal information, thus violating your privacy,” the police said.

“So, be careful and spread awareness among your family members.”

Gaming is a huge part of many people’s lives not just in UAE but in other markets as well. In the United States alone, it was estimated that about two-thirds of all households play games.

In 2017, the amount of money consumers around the world spent on PC and console games alone hit $8 billion, according to data compiled by Statista. And by 2022, the amount is projected to expand to $11 billion.

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