Dubai rental disputes to be solved without a judge

Dubai: The Rental Disputes Centre (RDC) in Dubai will launch a swift self-litigation system for rental disputes that will not require a judge from next year.

The announcement came as the RDC showcased its real estate litigation journey, enhancing investor confidence in Dubai’s real estate market as part of its participation at Gitex Technology Week 2018.

Judge Abdul Qader Mousa, director of the RDC, said, the RDC will launch the world’s first-of-a-kind self-litigation mechanism in 2019, which employs artificial intelligence to litigate cases between parties without the need of a judge.

Self-litigation begins when one of the parties enters the technical system, specifies the type of claim (whether tenant or leaser), and attaches the required documents.

The judgement will then be issued and directly sent by e-mail or text message to all parties concerned.

“The RDC’s various procedures positively and effectively contributed to facilitating decision-making and procedures, including the speed at which real estate disputes are resolved.”

Previously, he said, the litigation period at the RDC took 45 days to complete.

“But customers can now obtain judgements and finalise all procedures within eight days. The RDC was also was able to reduce the length of sentencing in general, despite the fact that the law gives time to adjudicate in preliminary cases, contributing to building a basis for protecting the rights of all parties.”

Employing technology

Mousa attributed this achievement to the utilisation of new technologies and automation systems, and to the employing of Artificial Intelligence to expedite the procedures in resolving rental disputes by way of technical means. This includes the world’s first-of-a-kind remote litigation mechanism, which aims to file and litigate law suits in an electronic and paperless manner.

The announcement about self-litigation comes a week after the RDC launched the Rental Good Conduct Certificate for landlords and tenants to ensure transparency about the track record of both the parties.

RDC had commenced with traditional litigation mechanisms since its inception in 2013.

By 2015, it developed the infrastructure to enforce smart litigation, and the current developments introduced remote litigations representing an addition to the real estate litigation journey.

This allowed the RDC to reach the highest standards and achieve its vision to be the international benchmark in resolving Real Estate Disputes, Mousa pointed out.

“In line with our objective to provide legal and judicial services, we support Dubai Land Department’s (DLD’s) vision to ensure customer satisfaction. Through our real estate litigation journey, our developments contributed to the security, stability, and well-being of society, and promoted the sustainability and diversification of the national economy, achieving the objectives of UAE Vision 2021, and ensuring that the UAE ranks high among the world’s most advanced nations.”


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