Dubai taxi driver rescues female motorist

Dubai: The month of Ramadan places an emphasis on showing compassion, forgiveness, patience and helping those in need.

Last Saturday, a taxi driver employed at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai was a true example of what the spirit of Ramadan entails.

Bangladeshi driver Raheem Abdul Haq, 38, was quick to help a stranded woman when her car stopped working in Dubai Internet City at around 11pm.

The driver, who worked in Dubai for the last nine years, offered to help the Sudanese woman for two hours while he drove and searched for assistance.

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The woman had earlier taken the metro to a nearby shopping centre for iftar, but when she arrived back at the car park, was surprised to find that it did not work.

After calling a friend for a car battery charger, the car still refused to work and the two women were left standing alone in the dark.

Abdul Haq, who happened to be standing near the area, offered to help but all attempts at jumpstarting the car failed.

He then took it upon himself to contact an auto repair shop to fix the car, a transport company to drive the women back home to Ajman, and followed up on the car’s maintenance.

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