Dubai Tourism launches initiative to better serve people of determination

DUBAI, 23rd December, 2018 (WAM) — The Dubai College of Tourism, DCT, an institution established by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai Tourism, has announced the launch of a training programme to teach individuals working with tourists to provide the best level of customer service to people of determination.

Inclusive Service is an online video-based training programme developed as the second phase of the ‘Dubai Way’ initiative, which was launched in 2017 by DCT for professionals who interact with visitors on a daily basis. As part of Dubai’s vision to become ‘a city for everyone’, the virtual training course highlights the role of empathy and the importance of offering the highest standards of hospitality to all visitors, reflecting a truly inclusive society.

The programme will enable the emirate to create a setting that is universally welcoming. Aimed at fostering the awareness of various disabilities, the programme will also educate participants on common misconceptions and oversights, helping to serve guests with disabilities more effectively and in the most sensitive manner.

Regarding the programme, Essa Bin Hadher, General Manager, Dubai College of Tourism, said, “The ‘Dubai Way’ initiative was launched with a clear purpose of training people in tourist-facing roles to deliver exceptional customer service to all visitors. In keeping with our promise of providing a world-class tourism experience, we have a responsibility towards treating all visitors equally, and the Inclusive Service programme places great emphasis on diversity and inclusion, ensuring that a high level of customer care is incorporated into all guest interactions. The training programme teaches the importance of empathy and how to better understand disabilities, thus making it instinctive. As we continue to strive towards excellence in all aspects of our tourism offering, this new initiative will help further raise the bar in Dubai’s hospitality sector through our focus on creating significant impact and increased satisfaction levels for all our visitors.”

All Dubai Way Champions, a title that is bestowed on participants who complete the Dubai Way course, are eligible to take up the Inclusive Service online certificate programme via the Dubai Way platform. Dubai Way is designed to broaden the knowledge and enhance the skills of government and private sector staff engaged in working with tourists, such as those working at hotels, airlines, airports, malls, transportation systems, theme parks and tourist attractions, to help them impart standardised information and instructions to visitors seeking additional information about the city.

The new DCT programme will utilise an array of assets, including videos, real-life stories, activities and assessments to equip learners with the skills needed to handle challenging service scenarios. It will also teach the difference between impairment and disability, define various types of impairments and the challenges associated with each of them, as well as teaching participants the knowledge and skills that will help provide the best customer support to people of determination.

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