Emirati Theatre discussed at Paris Book Fair

Tue 20-03-2018 15:09 PM

PARIS, 20th March, 2018 (WAM) — Sharjah’s pavilion at the Paris Book Fair has hosted a panel titled ‘Different Theatre’, addressing performance arts in the UAE.

Featuring actors Habib Ghuloom and Saleh Karamah, the event formed part of a series of activities organised in celebration of Sharjah’s selection as ‘Special Guest City’ at the fair.

Ghuloom said, “The theatre movement in the UAE is not so different nowadays from many others in the Arab world in that it has seen a drastic decline – Tunisia is the only exception. Having said that, in terms of support, I believe that Sharjah is still a beacon of hope.”

“That decline is attributed to the dominance of TV, the internet and social media platforms and the fact that many actors prefer to work in TV because it offers them greater financial support. Television has attracted stage actors who simply dropped theatre, particularly after it fell into the hands of private investors,” he added.

Karamah explained that the cornerstone of the theatre is a love of the stage. “Many actors are using theatre purely as a vehicle to move to TV, whereas real theatre requires dedication, devotion and above all, passion.” On the question of the relationship between theatre and modern communication,” he continued, adding that there are forms of technology which could be used to enhance the theatre, but instead they are making it a victim.

He went on to say that establishing a higher institute for dramatic and performance arts is a necessary step towards developing the theatre movement in the UAE.

WAM/Esraa Ismail/Nour Salman

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