ERC accelerates pace of aid to Yemen

ABU DHABI, 4th December, 2017 (WAM) — During November 2017, the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, continued to launch development programmes in the liberated areas of Yemen, including in the education, infrastructure and health sectors, while providing urgent rescue and humanitarian aid to ease the suffering of local residents and to rescue needy families.

An ERC report said that its efforts and achievements reflect the desire of the UAE and its wise leadership to support the future of the Yemeni people and to reduce the suffering caused by the destructive policies of the coup militias, by providing basic supplies.

The ERC distributed 5,000 various food parcels to needy and underprivileged families in the Merkhah As Sufla District in Shabwa Governorate, during the month. It also continued its humanitarian and rescue operations in Hadramaut, by providing food aid to residents in the Al Mukalla District.

The ERC also responded to the appeals of a woman from Aden through social media, who works as a nurse at Ba’asyib Hospital. The woman complained about her deteriorating economic conditions after her salary was not paid for over 10 months. The ERC provided the woman, Neama, with basic food supplies a;long with a refrigerator, a washing machine, an oven, an air-conditioner and a television.

In the infrastructure sector, the ERC continued support for projects to rebuild, develop and construct the country’s basic infrastructure, after the destruction that occurred during the war initiated by the coup supporters. It also provided fuel to ensure the continued provision of electricity supplies, as part of help for the power sector, by supplying the Al Houta Electricity Corporation in Mayfa’a District, Shabwa, with 36,000 litres of diesel, covering the corporation’s needs and benefiting a total of 25,000 homes.

Also in Shabwa Governorate, an agreement was signed for the Al Faysh Water Project, which will benefit around 5,000 people. The agreement involves the drilling of wells and linking them to the water reservoir in the area, the restoration and construction of internal water networks and the installation of a pumping station, as well as the construction of other pumping stations and reservoirs in the governorate.

The ERC also delivered spraying equipment to the Shibam District in Wadi Hadramaut, to support programmes to eliminate mosquitoes, thereby protecting residents against malaria and other diseases.

In the educational sector, an agreement was signed for the building of 12 classrooms and for the maintenance and refurbishment of 12 more at the Martyr Abdullah bin Adiwo Secondary School in the Haban district of Al Khobar region. Other agreements covered refurbishment of the Al Koda Schoo, in the Tarim district, Wadi Hadramaut, and the Ramah secondary School in a desert area of the Hadramaut. The Ramah School has not been in use for over a decade.

Elsewhere in the Hadramaut, a meeting hall and health facilities were completed and furnished at the Tarim Secondary School for Boys while educational supplies were supplied to children at the Al Qara Nursery, Ghail Bawazir district and to children in the Al Ayes district.



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