ERC launches mobile clinic in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast

Tue 04-09-2018 19:47 PM

HODEIDAH, 4th September, 2018 (WAM) — The Emirates Red Crescent has launched a mobile medical clinic to provide primary health care and treatment services for villagers in remote areas on the Red Sea Coast of the Hodeidah Governorate.

The services provided include the follow-up of chronic diseases among children and women as well as first aid and primary care to alleviate their suffering from the onerous humanitarian conditions they are reeling under as a result of the acts of depredations committed by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

The inauguration of the mobile clinic comes within the free treatment services provided by the UAE in the liberated governorates and other cities of Yemen as part of the UAE’s relentless efforts to restore normalcy in these territories.

The clinic provides services on reproductive health, gynecology, family medicine, general medicine and pediatrics. An increasing number of people, ranging between 150 to 200 patients coming from the country’s remote areas, are visiting the clinic daily.

Mobile clinics are one of the modern means to address health challenges in areas located away from hospitals and health centers.

Saeed Al Kaabi, UAE Humanitarian Operations Director for Yemen, said that there are four mobile medical clinics in the Red Sea Coast that can provide health and treatment services to remote communities, pointing out that the ERC is sparing no effort to provide medical and therapeutic services for Yemeni households through these clinics.

He added that the ERC support for the medical sector and the provision of therapeutic services is an embodiment of the humanitarian approach adopted by the UAE towards Yemeni brothers in the liberated areas.

Al-Kaabi pointed out that the mobile clinics are providing medical treatment services for women, children and the elderly who suffer from various chronic diseases across all remote areas of the Red Sea Coast.

The beneficiaries on the Red Sea Coast have confirmed that the ERC projects and initiatives contributed to rescuing people in the liberated areas from the crimes committed by Houthi militias and their terrorist practices against the Yemeni people. They expressed their thanks and gratitude to the UAE for its humanitarian and relief role.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed/Hassan Bashir

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