ESMA organises workshop to raise awareness on electrical appliances’ standards

DUBAI, 4th September, 2018 (WAM) — The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, ESMA, has organised a training workshop attended by 100 specialists, engineers and technicians from factories, companies and outlets in the UAE to raise awareness of the technical regulations and standards related to electrical appliances, products and equipment that are traded in the local markets.

Dr. Yousef Al Saadi, Director of the Technical Legislation Department, said the technical workshop was held in cooperation with Gulftich Certification LLC in Dubai and was attended by engineers, technicians and specialists as well as the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers, IIEE, in the Philippines.

The UAE branch consists of more than 200 licenced electrical engineers who provide expertise in the engineering field of facility development and the provision of facilities including in the oil and gas sectors.

The awareness workshop enables local traders to transfer knowledge to suppliers in a manner that contributes to increasing the awareness indicators in the society and alerts them to the importance of obtaining approvals and certificates of conformity from ESMA in an effort to avoid any trading of products that do not meet the UAE standards.

Dr. Al Saadi explained that the workshop programme included an explanation on the importance of the Emirates’ quality mark, the Emirates national accreditation system, the low-voltage equipment regulations, the energy efficiency programme, as well as the introduction of smart RFID technology to inquire about product data in electrical and electronic devices, and the UAE system for lighting products.

ESMA works in cooperation with its strategic partners such as manufacturers, traders, suppliers and outlets, in order to effectively implement the technical regulations, and to ensure awareness of the UAE standards in this regard and continuously seeks to involve the target groups in this kind of awareness workshops.

Dr. Al Saadi considered that the development and implementation of technical regulations and standards in the country ensure the types of electrical and mechanical products currently available in the country, the corresponding accreditation requirements and procedures, as well as the elements related to lighting, cables and electrical appliances organised by the authority for these products.

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