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Fakhree Marbles / Collection Of Quartz


Fakhree Marbles are one of the quality suppliers and exporters of engineered Quartz products.They are impermeable, non-porous, harmonized, and suitable for all intents and purposes any interior application flooring, wall and pillar casing, countertops, stair ramps, risers, and more. The Quartz slabs are available in many size formats ranging from small to large format slabs. These engineered slabs are the best substitute for natural stones such as Marble. They can be easily transported, installed, and fabricated to spaces where Marble’s transportation and installation is quite a challenging task. Apart from being easily maintainable and installable, the engineered stones are nature-friendly too. These products are manufactured using the by-products generated by natural marble quarries and other pre-consumer recycled contents like glass and mirrors. Being a reprocessed product, they help to sustain energy and resources and safeguard precious natural resources.


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    Fakhree Marbles is one of the cutting edges and leading manufacturers and exporters of natural stone products and deals exclusively in Granite, Marble, Sandstone, and Limestone. We work innovatively towards serving the client's and customer's essentials and necessities as our top-notch requirement and provide the one-stop natural stone solution for redesigning and planning residential, public, and workspaces. We work continuously to follow and adopt the latest technologies and procedures to produce innovative natural stone products to become one of the utmost facets globally in the natural stone industry's sphere by increasing our market presence and supply networks. Fakhree Marbles' natural stones products such as Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, and Marbles demand rise in leaps and bounds. Fakhree Marbles team works hard to expand our business globally by keeping all the top priority quality standards.

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