Family surprised to find ‘stolen’ jewellery with police

Dubai Police return gold bag to Indian family after maid threw it out along with garbage

Dubai: An Indian family went to a police station to report a robbery of a Dh40,000 gold jewellery and got a surprise when officers handed over the gold to them after a cleaner found it among garbage.

The family’s housemaid had thrown out the bag thinking it contained garbage.

Lt Col Rashid Bin Safwan, Deputy Director at Lost and Found Department in Dubai Police, told Gulf News on Wednesday that a cleaner was collecting garbage in Al Gusais area when he found a garbage bag with golden jewellery worth around Dh40,000.

“He handed over the jewellery to Al Gusais police station and we thought it was stolen as nobody had reported about missing jewellery. After two days, the Indian family came to the station claiming that their jewellery was missing and they thought someone had stolen it,” Lt Col Bin Safwan said.

The expatriates were surprised when the police showed them the jewellery and they recognised it immediately.

“The jewellery was wrapped in a bag that was inside the plastic bag and the maid who works for the Indian family saw the bag and thought it was garbage. She threw it along with the garbage,” Lt Col Bin Safwan said.

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