Father seeks help for child’s second liver transplant

Three-and-a-half-year-old suffers from a congenital condition in which the bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked or missing

Dubai: A Pakistani father is appealing to the public to help raise money for a second liver transplant for his son, a procedure the boy needs most urgently.

Mohammad Adeel Kiani’s son, who’s now three and a half, has been facing liver complications since birth due to ‘biliary atresia’, a congenital liver disease in which the bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked or missing.

The father of three managed to raise funds for his son’s first surgery, which was done when he was one and half years old in Fortis Hospital in New Delhi.

“The surgery was successful, but after that my son began to face complications in his liver due to the same condition and doctors in the same hospital said we need to do a new liver transplant before July or it could become a life-threatening situation for him,” said Kiani, 36, who works as an accountant at a local hospital.

Kiani said his son, Mohammad Ebrahim Kani, is at risk of liver failure if the operation is not done and, while time is running out, he still hasn’t been able to arrange the money needed for the operation.

Gulf News reviewed hospital records from Fortis Hospital in New Delhi, which were provided by Kiani.

“The hospital has considered my situation and has brought the cost of the operation down to Dh85,000. A source has been able to help me with almost Dh25,000 but we still need help to raise the remaining Dh60,000,” he said.

“My son is in Dubai now and is getting very weak. He is barely eating. I hope someone could come forward to save my child. Any delay could affect other organs in Mohammad’s body, said desperate Kiani.

Very few hospitals in the UAE can treat his son’s medical condition, he added, and this is why he has chosen India.

“Since birth, Mohammad has undergone many treatments and then had to do the first liver transplant surgery. Most of our savings ran out and now we are praying we can get the last surgery done and that he won’t have to go through any surgeries again.”

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