Felt like I was in outer space, says Paralympic athlete of Dubai sports medicine facility

Dubai: Sergey Burlakov, a Paralympic athlete and four-time amputee, visited nanoM, a sports medicine facility in Dubai to undergo a series of tests on September 16.

Burlakov toured the facility and underwent a cardio-metabolic test to measure his respiratory gas exchange during a series of treadmill simulated walks and runs. He also took a test in the “BodPod” (a machine that uses air simulation to measure an athlete’s body composition in relation to their age, height and weight) at the nanoM clinic, after which he did the Gait analysis, showing off his impressive black belt karate skills in a simulated test that measured his movements.

“An inspirational hero like Sergey proves that you can do anything you set your mind to,” said Karan Rekhi, Vice President — Operations of Emirates Healthcare.

“He passed our tests at nanoM with flying colours; the tests are challenging at times because they are meant to test your endurance and push your limits. It was very impressive to measure and even more impressive to witness a quadruple amputee living his best life like anyone else and outperforming most people,” he added.

The Russian national is the only four-time amputee to have completed a marathon of 42km and 195m with his achievement listed in the Guinness World Records

“I always do what I love and what I can, and I push my limits and do it to the best of my ability. The word impossible is not in my vocabulary,” he said.

He pointed out that he was very impressed by nanoM’s high-tech facility. “I felt like I was in outer space! As soon as I arrived, I knew I needed to tell the Paralympic community about nanoM and how useful it can be to all athletes, whether they are in the Paralympics or not,” said Burlakov.

He is a participant and organiser of the Moscow-Taganrog bike ride, and is a Russian champion in athletics and swimming (more than 40 times) and a master of sports in track and field, swimming and shooting.

Burlakov can also fly a hang-glider, sail a yacht, and shoot perfectly.

He is a winner of international triathlon competitions, a world karate champion with a black belt, the holder of the title “Man of the Planet”, and a New York Marathon record holder.

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