Finding love on NYE…


New Year’s Eve is always a magical night, as most are excited for the coming year.

While everyone hopes for better luck and happiness in the coming 365 days, one performer at Global Village decided to make his own joy. As the final few hours of 2017 winded down, he proposed to his girlfriend in front of everyone!

Don’t you just love, love?

At Global Village, which is part of the Dubai Shopping Festival, each country’s pavilion has its own performances and entertainment for visitors. On December 31 evening, the Turkish pavilion entertained audiences with a 10-minute traditional dance.

When the performers started to bow, a lot of people were ready to leave, but the show wasn’t nearly over. One of the male dancers bought a bouquet for his female partner and gave her a hug, amidst cheers from everyone around.

The man then pointed to a group of people off stage who were wearing t-shirts that we appeared to read: “Will You Marry Me?” It was in Turkish.

He then got down on one knee and proposed!

Sandeep Bhatia who captured the moment on his phone, told Gulf News that he thought the proposal was a part of the dance, but only after seeing the woman’s reaction did he realise that it was unplanned. He said: “My wife and I felt so happy being able to experience that. We had never seen something like this. Everyone was cheering and we were so lucky we got to witness it.”

After a round of applause, the couple waved at the crowed, before embracing each other.

Ermmm… excuse me while I get myself a box of tissues and some chocolate.

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