First Chinese person who used Dubai Smart Police station honoured

Smart Station by Dubai Police.

Dubai: Dubai police honoured a woman for being the first Chinese person who used Smart Police Station, as part of the UAE-China week’s celebration, an official said on Sunday.

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi, director of the artificial intelligence Department at Dubai Police, said that Liu Tbeng, was the first Chinese resident who made a smart transaction in the smart police station at City Walk.

“It was part of the celebration during UAE-China week. She was the first Chinese person who used the smart station on September 2017. It is part of Dubai police strategy to encourage Emiratis and residents to use our smart services,” Brigadier Al Razouqi said.

The woman was presented with an airline open ticket to travel to any destination she wants and whenever she wants to.

Liu thanked Dubai police for the surprise gift, saying such gesture by the police encouraged her to use more smart services in the city.

“I went to City Walk to use the smart station and I was impressed by its modern style which is different from other normal police station. I didn’t believe that I was actually inside a police station,” Liu said.

She said that she used the videoconference service to speak with an officer and she finished her transaction within two minutes.

However, Dubai Police didn’t say what kind of smart service she used.

Open 24 hours, seven days a week, the new station offers 27 key services such as reporting crimes and traffic incidents as well as a further 33 services offering community services ranging from getting a good-conduct certificate to social support for victims of family violence.

While waiting, customers can play an educational driving game in the station which not only entertains but teaches users about safe driving.

People who find lost items in a public area can go to the smart station and put the found item in a plastic bag and then deposit it in a big locked box inside the cubicle.

More autonomous police stations are in the works and will be rolled out at later dates.


How it works

Visitors enter the station main doors and follow the floor signs to the big screen on the left side and choose between resident and tourist options.

If the person is a resident, they must put their Emirates ID in a slot beside the screen and follow the steps.

If the person is a visitor, they must enter full personal details on a page on the screen and follow the steps.

Choose a service and you will get a token to enter the cubicle service room

List of services

• Traffic fines payment
• Good-conduct certificate
• Home security
• Police leaders at your service
• Traffic status certificate
• Reissuing traffic accident report
• Pay impound fees
• Verify driver
• Labour complaint
• Lost-and-found items
• Lost-item certificate
• File criminal complaint
• Certificate-TWIMC
• Detainee visit request
• Police report inquiry
• Report crime
• Tourist security
• Vehicle inspection request
• Application status
• Heart patient service
• Social support in family violence cases
• Police museum tour
• Feedback

– Source: Dubai Police

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