Foreign ministry launches travel guidelines campaign for Emiratis

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launched a new campaign on travel guidelines.

The ministry urged Emiratis who are travelling abroad to take heed of advisories and guidelines prior to and during their journeys, which will help ensure their safety and achieve the ministry’s objectives to facilitate the travel and stay of Emiratis abroad.

The campaign coincides with the Eid Al Fitr holiday and summer vacation season.

Rashid Ali Al Daheri, director of the Department of Citizens’ Affairs at the ministry, stressed that it is important for Emiratis who want to travel to read the guidelines and advisories, and any updates issued by the ministry on its website —

Al Daheri said that the citizens should register themselves and their families in the Twajudi service, which can be accessed on the ministry’s website or smart app, called UAEMOFA.

The service allows the ministry and its diplomatic missions to remain in contact with Emiratis in the event of emergencies and crises that might occur in the countries to which they travel.

He called on Emiratis to register in the Musafir programme, a health insurance document that provides travelling Emiratis with coverage in the case of medical emergencies.

Al Daheri also urged Emiratis to respect the laws of the countries they are travelling to so that they can represent the country in an honourable manner.

He added that if Emiratis are present in countries in which the UAE has no diplomatic representation, they can contact the ministry on the following toll-free number in case of any emergency: 0097180044444.

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