Former Saudi Shura member put on trial

The intruder about to enter the women’s fitness club.

Manama: Saudi Arabia’s public prosecution has referred a former member of the Shura (Consultative) Council to court for entering a women’s health club in Makkah last year.

The Criminal Court said it would start reviewing the case in April, Saudi media reported on Sunday.

According to the case documents, the defendant, whose name was not divulged, insisted last November on entering the club despite protests from some women at the site who told him that men were not supposed to be there.

One witness said there was a clear sign at the club gate that read “Men Not Allowed.”

Some of the women who filed a legal suit against the intruder said he did not leave quickly and that he stayed for around 10 minutes at the club.

A newspaper report last year said the ex-Shura Council member owned the building where the club was located, and that he had a legal dispute with the health club investor.

According to the report, the defendant wanted to inspect the location and was unaware it was being used as a sports facility for women.

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