Free eye camp held for Gulf News employees

Dubai: Over 120 Gulf News employees availed of a free eye check-up camp organised by a leading ophthalmic and vision correction organisation — Rivoli Eye Zone.

The camp was held on Thursday, from 9.30am to 5pm. A team of two headed by cluster optometrist Francois Van Der Merwe examined employees conducted digital and manual assessments.

“We chiefly looked for myopia, astigmatism and other refractive conditions in people. Most people who signed up for the check-up were aware of their numbers but not alert about increase in the number or further deterioration. We were looking out for blue light damage that is caused by phone back lights, television, computers, laptops and even UV rays of the sun,” said Van Der Merwe who has been leading his team to conduct free eye camps for students in Dubai schools and also partnering with Noor Dubai for eye health check-up for members of Dubai Police.

“Students often tend to be ignorant of requiring refractive correction for better eyesight and we have been able to catch such eye issues early,” added Van Der Merwe

Lavkesh Grover, an officer in the Gulf News HR Department, expressed happiness that he was able to avail this opportunity. “In this digital era, people are busy spending most of their time either on laptops or smart phones and this is seriously impacting our eye health. Most of my colleagues who signed up for a free test are glad they took the test as many had no time to go to the optometrist. Now they are able to take quick corrective action.”

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