Free outpasses, passport renewal for Pakistani expats

Dubai: The Pakistan Consulate is issuing outpasses and seven-month passport extension free of charge during the ongoing amnesty announced by the UAE government, a top official with the mission in Dubai said on Tuesday.

Syed Javed Hassan, Consul-General of Pakistan in Dubai, on Tuesday visited the mission’s help desk at the amnesty centre in Al Aweer to oversee operations to help Pakistanis leave the country or stay and search for new work.

“The UAE government is giving a six-month grace period to people who have regularised their status and want to look for jobs. So we are providing a seven-month passport extension. Within a week of the amnesty scheme, we have been able to complete the exit process for 400 Pakistani expatriates. In addition, about 700 have come to our consulate and at the help desk in Al Aweer with different queries and we are extending all help to guide them.”

He added that expatriates looking for amnesty usually have issues such as lost or expired passports, long overstay on residence and visit visas and some occasional absconders.

There are also expatriates who have minor issues; they have gone directly to immigration offices, cleared their cases and have their papers in order awaiting the completion of the 10-day embargo to exit, he said.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is offering 20 to 40 per cent discount on flight tickets to make amnesty-seekers’ passage to Pakistan more affordable. Hassan said.

“In very extreme cases of destitution and poverty, we offer free tickets to our nationals on a case-by-case basis.”

Hotline numbers

Pakistan Embassy, Abu Dhabi: 0558634467 and 024447800 (extension numbers 217, 337)

Pakistan Consulate, Dubai: 0563603577, 043971748 and 043966651

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