FUNN enhances efforts to elevate talent of children and young people interested in film industry

SHARJAH, 30th December, 2017 (WAM) — The past 12 months have seen FUNN, the Sharjah-based institution dedicated to promoting media arts among young people, accomplish an array of significant achievements, implementing a spectrum of initiatives for building a generation of promising and creative young filmmakers.

Part of its success last year was the promotion of new artistic and innovative films from UAE children and young people on a global scale. Their work was showcased at international film festivals and conferences.

In 2017, FUNN curated an array of activities, events, workshops and festivals that opened up the world of films to young people and further enhanced Sharjah’s presence on the global stage.

Attracting a large number of young artists and filmmakers to its events, FUNN organised a total of 75 art workshops throughout the year. It addressed topics covering all aspects of the film industry, including, production, direction and evaluation.

Among the most significant workshops that FUNN organised in 2017 was the “Equine Photography for Special Needs,” which saw participating children and young adults learning basic photography alongside equestrian skills. The youngsters attending were introduced to a specially designed equine therapy model, which is recognised as an effective tool to help promote emotional growth, build confidence and enable better social integration. The institution played a vital role in helping the attendees hone their creative skills, providing them with full mentorship and support throughout.

FUNN’s specialised workshop “Poster Design” provided talented young people with the opportunity to learn and develop the artistic skills that will serve them well in the world of filmmaking and digital and media arts. The session helped them enhance their capabilities in modern media arts and learn the basics of poster design, in particular, film posters, with the aim of developing their graphics skills.

The tangible outcomes of its 2017 workshops were exemplified at the fifth edition of Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival, which was organised by FUNN. It featured a total of 124 films over six days by 70 directors from 31 countries.

The festival further developed the expertise of film lovers, filmmakers and children in the world of visual arts and contributed to opening new horizons for those interested in the genre. In doing so, it prepared them to become immersed in the realities of filmmaking for the future.



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