Gang of battery thieves busted in Dubai

Suspects stole batteries from heavy trucks in Jebel Ali and Al Ghusais industrial areas

Dubai: Dubai police have arrested a gang of four Asians for stealing batteries from heavy vehicles and selling them to a garage.

Brigadier Mohammad Rashid Bin Sari Al Muhairi, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai Police, said the gang were stealing the batteries from parked trucks in the Jebel Ali and Al Ghusais industrial areas.

“We received four calls about batteries being stolen from trucks. The four incidents followed a pattern,” Brigadier Al Muhairi said. “We set a trap for the gang and arrested four suspects.”

Undercover officers from the Crime Prevention Department monitored the two areas around the clock for a few days until a police patrol saw the gang removing a battery from a parked truck.

The suspects were arrested on the spot and confessed that they were selling the batteries at half-price to their countryman, who owned a vehicle repair garage.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant-Colonel Dr Rashid Al Muaini, head of patrols in the Crime Prevention Department, said the four suspects and the garage owner has been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution for further action.

“We focus on any crimes even if it is a minor robbery. Our patrols scan all Dubai areas to stop crime. Any suspicious behaviour is taken into consideration and that has helped to crackdown on crime levels in the city,” Lt Col Al Muaini said.

The department arrested 2,126 suspects in the first half of the year and spotted 162 stolen vehicles dumped in different parts of the city for use by criminals later, according to official stats revealed.

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