Gargash slams Qatar, Iran for politicising Haj

Dubai: Dr Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, hailed Saudi Arabia’s successful Haj season while highlighting the failures of Iran and Qatar in politicising it.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Dr Gargash said: “In light of the hugely successful Haj season, frantic attempts to politicise Haj have failed miserably. This broken record of politicising Haj started with Iran, with Qatar [joining in] later to share in Iran’s spectacular failure. All credit goes to King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and Saudi Arabia on this massive success that was achieved through determination and organisation.”

In another tweet yesterday, Dr Gargash said: “The approach of Qatar, its media and its allies when it comes to the topic of normalising relations with Israel is a strange one. Qatar spreads and promotes rumours claiming that its neighbours are normalising relations with Israel, when Doha’s interludes with Israel are well documented and constant, with recent calls held with Tel Aviv to discuss Gaza. The news Qatar spreads is false, and its partisan bias has been exposed.”

He added: “Where does Al Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood and [Yousuf] Al Qaradawi stand when it comes to Qatar’s previous and current communication and normalisation of relations with Israel, which are a far cry from its supposed principles and stance? It is the height of politicisation when Al Qaradawi issues an abnormal fatwa pertaining to Haj, but remains silent when it comes to Qatar’s communication and normalisation with Israel …”


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