Global comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy needed: UAE

GENEVE, 1st March, 2018 (WAM) — Terrorists all over the world will never be defeated by the use of military force only, but the world is rather in need of a more comprehensive approach to counter terrorism, including cutting off funding sources and exposing states and organsiations financing extremism and hate rhetoric, the UAE Permanent Representative to the UN, affirmed.

Obaid Salim Al Zaabi made the remarks while delivering the UAE speech before the 37th session of the Human Rights Council here as part of an interactive dialogue with the council’s special rapporteur in change of reinforcing and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Al Zaabi noted that the UAE shares the same concern, maintained by the rapporteur about the enforcement of a state of emergency in any part of the world, as being a threat to human rights that has its own bearing on fundamental personal freedoms.

However, Al Zaabi said, such a state of emergency remains a sovereign right that could be exercised by any country for a temporary period, on an exceptional basis, and for certain reasons determined solely by the national interests of the sate concerned.

“The International Human Rights Law allows world countries to restrict, in certain circumstances, human rights on the condition that these countries exercising this right should take into consideration ensuring a balance between the measures taken and their impact on society,” Al Zaabi said.

Under such circumstances, it, many a time, happens that the process of ensuring such a balance contradicts with the national security considerations taken by the state concerned in its capacity as being the sole party entitled to assess the danger besetting its national security , he added.

“The UAE categorically condemns all forms of terrorism and extremism and adamantly believes that extremists and terrorists will not be defeated by the use of military force only but rather there is an abject needed for adopting a more comprehensive approach to cut off terrorism funding sources and disclose states and organsiations funding extremism,” he added.

Concluding, the diplomat said the UAE has established the Abu Dhabi-based Hedaya Centre as the first-ever international Centre dedicated to countering extremism and terrorism in addition to its consistent anti-terrorist financial donations, the latest of which is an amount of $350,000 in support of the UN Counter-Terrorism Centre, in May 2017.

The 37th session of the Human Rights Council started here in February 26 and will last until March 23rd.

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