Gold is definitely the new black

Gold is definitely the new black

All that shimmers may now be gold as Farotex launches their new range of 24-karat luxury fabrics!

For millennia the magic of gold has been simply bewitching. In the hands of the some of the world’s greatest craftsmen, this precious metal has been crafted into exquisite and stunningly beautiful jewelry items that embody the essence of wealth and power for the privileged few who could afford such luxury.

Ancient items made of gold, which date back 7000 years or more, belonged to some of the most famous and powerful cultures that ever existed. The gold of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Troy, as well as the gold of the Incas and the Scythians, epitomized the eternal desire to own this precious metal, which has now become one of the most valuable investment commodities to have ever been traded around the world.

The history of using gold for decorating textiles and clothing also dates back to ancient times. Making gold thread or creating clothing items laced with gold decoration has always been extremely difficult and expensive, meaning the precious metal has not been widely used in the production of fabrics or textiles – until now!

Recent advancements in technology have radically changed the possibilities for applying metals, including gold, to textiles without changing the original properties or integrity of the materials, thus allowing a range of fabrics and textiles to literally be ‘made of’ precious metals for the first time in history.

And so the eternal marriage of gold and those fascinated with wearing it begins a new era.

London based company Farotex announces the introduction and availability of the highest grade 24K gold fabric and leather that will change the way the industry offers luxury to its clients. The technology used ensures that the application of the gold will not wear off, flake or fade and items produced can be washed and cleaned as normal non-metalized materials.

Key uses for Farotex products include 24K gold clothing, furniture coverings, furnishings and interior luxury décor. The production methods developed by Farotex are as exclusive as their clients and the products themselves.

The company is pioneering a new “Golden Era” and defining new standards of luxury with their highly prestigious product range. They now have their eyes firmly set on the UAE and other Middle East countries as a key new market for their products in 2016.

Farotex is headquartered in the UK. The company has developed a unique technology that enables the deposit of almost any metal or alloy onto the surface of natural and synthetic fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, artificial leather and polymer films on an industrial scale. For more information, please visit our website:

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