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Got a Job in Dubai? A Checklist before you leave.


Finally you got it! You secured the job you wanted and that too in one of the most flourishing emirates in the UAE-Dubai. Yes it was not that easy, you did put in a lot of efforts and worked hard in every possible way you could.

But, there are some things you need to make a note of before you are on your flight to Dubai.

You might want to prepare a checklist to make things clear.

The points to follow will help you with the same.

  • VISA:

In case you are moving within a company then your VISA won’t be an issue as it would be arranged by the organization you are working for. The VISA is valid for a period of two years after which you’ll have to get it renewed. However, if you are planning to enter Dubai on a tourist VISA in search of a job then you might have legal issues because this is strictly prohibited by the UAE Government. The best way is to find a job beforehand so that your employer completes the process for you

  • Setting up a Bank account:

Setting up an account is quite easy. There are a number of local and international banks that operate in Dubai. The prominent ones amongst expats are HSBC, Emirates NBD and National Bank of Abu Dhabi. Once you get your VISA approved, all you need is to take it to the bank along with the employment letter and the account will be activated there and then.

  • Transferring your assets and funds:

Getting your funds transferred after getting your bank account activated is equally important. Using a high-street bank might not be the best alternative as they charge unfavorable exchange rates.

Check with a number of online currency transfer companies to ensure the best deal.

  • Setting up a will:

As you might know, the laws of the UAE follow Sharia (The religious law of Islam), it is quite imperative to ensure that your current will is acceptable by the UAE authorities. If it’s not then affairs happening posthumously will follow Sharia law.

To make sure that your affairs are conducted in the way you want them to be, you might want to get a financial advisory regulated by the UAE on board.

  • Getting Health Insurance:

Again, this would be taken care by your employer and would depend on the organization’s policy with the insurance company. The foremost ones in Dubai are Daman, ADNIC AND Green Crescent. Nevertheless, you have to be sure about what you are covered for. It is worth getting your insurance upgraded by private means as the healthcare costs can be quite high.

  • Getting Accommodation:

Dubai is one of the most expensive property markets in the world. Consequently, rent accounts for a major share in the expenses you’ll have to bear, when in Dubai. Search for a place to live on various real estate or prominent classified ads website for Dubai. Popular expat locations include Dubai Marina, The pal Jumeirah and the Greens community.


  • Culture Shock:

Learn and research as much about Dubai as you can and visit the place to get acquainted with it before you relocate entirely.

Get in touch with various other expats who are living in Dubai to find about the culture and the way of living. You need to keep in mind certain things that you might find different in this emirate:

  • Unmarried couples CANNOT live together.
  • Adultery is a crime punishable by prison and might also lead to deportation.
  • Conservative dressing is always preferred.
  • Respect the local religion and avoid drinking or eating during the daylight in the view of local people (during Ramadan).
  • Relocating and Packing:

What to take and what to leave? Well, you can find everything you want in Dubai. Just make sure to carry all documents like your Identification proofs, Certificates from previous organizations, Documents of academic qualification etc.

Get in touch with a relocation service and pack accordingly.

Things mentioned above clearly indicate that relocating to a new country requires great deal of planning and preparation. Nevertheless, you can enjoy your stay in this emirate if the traditions and laws are taken care of. Take proper advice and give your best efforts, you’ll surely find success in Dubai.


Written by: Anshuman


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