GPSSA calls on business owners to coordinate on hiring of pensioners

Tue 01-05-2018 21:22 PM

ABU DHABI, 1st May, 2018 (WAM) — In a note circulated to government and private sector institutions, the General Pension and Social Security Authority, GPSSA, has called for coordination with regards to the re-hiring of pensioners and military retirees, regardless of their previous workplace, with the aim of making business owners and retirees aware of the consequences and their legal commitments.

The GPSSA explained that Federal Law No. 7 for 1999, which is related to pensions and social security, prohibits certain pensioners who receive pensions from the GPSSA to receive their pensions while earning a regular salary, in accordance with Article 35 of the law.

It also pointed out that those who have worked for the government for 25 years are excluded from this restriction, on condition that their employment did not end through termination, removal from service, disciplinary action or a court ruling. Retirees who are subject to another pension law applied in the country are also excluded.

The GPSSA also noted that the law requires business owners and pensioners who are returning to work to immediately inform it of their plans, to determine their legal status and assess their entitlement to receive their pensions and salaries from their new jobs.

“An example of a consequence to pensioners includes the scenario of when the conditions to combine their pensions and salaries do not apply to them, their pensions will be stopped if the salaries from their new jobs are equal to or greater than their pensions, but if their salaries are less than their pensions, the average of the difference between them will be given,” the GPSSA said.

WAM/Hassan Bashir/Tariq alfaham

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