Guard, 2 runaways steal money transfer company’s Dh5m

Suspect admits in court he stole money box but does not remember the exact amount

Dubai: A security guard, who worked for a money transfer company, conspired with two accomplices and stole Dh5 million, heard a court on Wednesday.

The 39-year-old Kenyan security guard was said to have been commissioned to accompany coworkers in an armoured truck, collect money from trading companies, commercial establishments and money exchange houses across Dubai and then deposit the cash in ATMs or the company’s headquarters.

Following several visits to a gym [one of the money transfer company’s clients], the 39-year-old met with his 30-year-old countrywoman, who worked as a guard, and they became friends, according to records.

Once she understood the nature of her countryman’s job and learnt that he transferred between Dh30 million and Dh50 million in the armoured truck, the woman suggested that they embezzle Dh5 million and share the money.

Records said the woman planned the operation and instructed her countryman on what to do and how and where to meet her after he embezzled the money box.

The man then took one of the money boxes when he and his coworkers were collecting money from their clients in a mall in Deira.

Records the suspect pretended that he needed to use the washroom before he jumped into a taxi and went to BurJuman, where he took another taxi and headed to Shaikh Zayed Road.

As pre-planned, the guard took a fourth taxi and went to Al Ghurair Centre where he met up with the Kenyan woman.

The woman took Dh3 million, handed the remaining Dh2 million to her countryman and left the country.

In the meantime, the guard’s co-worker discovered that he had disappeared with one of the money boxes and reported the matter to their supervisor.

The money transfer company’s management reported the matter to the police.

Police investigation led to the arrest of the male suspect from a flat in Sharjah.

Following his arrest, the Kenyan guard told police interrogators that his countrywoman had masterminded the theft and incited him to do it. He also claimed that his 31-year-old countryman housemate took around Dh1.7 million from his share of the booty and that he was left with Dh300,000.

Prosecutors accused the two Kenyan men and their countrywoman of stealing Dh5 million.

According to the accusation sheet, the woman suspect and the 31-year-old suspect remain at large.

The male suspect pleaded guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

“Yes I embezzled the money but I do not remember how much exactly. The woman took some of the money and left and the remaining I had kept it in my bag … but my housemate took the money from my bag without telling me and absconded,” he contended before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi.

The trial continues.

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