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Guvera Social, where brands tap into the popularity of social media and the connective power of music at once


Connecting fans with brands through social music discovery.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 16 June 2016 – Guvera, Australia’s award-winning music streaming service, merges social media networking with music for targeted brand marketing through its Guvera Social feature.   Guvera Social enables brands to connect directly with their followers, who by following the brand have actively chosen to listen to their playlists, enter competitions and browse products.

Ananya Amin, Guvera Chief Commercial Officer, Middle East and Asia, said, “More and more, brands are using music because it stimulates social interaction and drives loyalty, especially with millennials. In other words, if music can bring people together, then it will bring brands closer to their consumers as well.”

On Guvera, members can follow their friends and favourite brands in much the same way that any other social media app works. It’s a technology that helps brands make an authentic connection with the fans who have chosen to engage with them.

In addition to connection, the app’s social feed gives brands an opportunity to influence. A brand’s music activity appears on the feed of their followers. It delivers a stream of content showing what playlists the brand is curating, tracks they are adding to their playlists and the people they are following.

Feeds not only help users discover and engage with the content a brand is curating on Guvera, they also suggest other brand channels that the user might be interested in, trending stations, playlists, competitions, and a range of exclusive editorial content from interviews to album reviews.

Individual and targeted music alerts from brands are also possible, allowing the sharing of newly curated playlists or a brand’s favourite tracks with its followers. In this way, Guvera acts as a music messaging app.

Guvera is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, tablets and smartphones, as well a desktop version via Guvera is also available to use on the Apple Watch.



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