Harry Potter supplier attempting to honestly account for every garment

Shailini Sheth Amin from Gujarat grew so disillusioned with the throwaway culture of fashion that she decided to set up her own company to produce textiles ethically.

She founded Moral Fibre in 2007, which makes handcrafted biodegradable fabrics using natural dyes, and has supplied costume fabrics to Hollywood movies including the last Harry Potter film and the recently released Pan.

“There’s a whole chain of people behind every outfit that comes out, from the cotton to the threads to the people who are putting it together,” says Ms Amin.

She is calling for greater transparency in the clothing industry, so customers know where their clothes have come from and the impact the process of manufacturing the garment had on workers’ lives.

To this end, Ms Amin has worked on producing a line of clothes for children in the UK, which connects the buyers of the garments with the workers and artisans producing the clothes in remote villages in Gujarat.

“With a click of a button a child can see the pictures and read the story of making of the dress, jacket, skirt or a trouser he or she is wearing,” says Ms Amin. “This is the story of a complete supply chain: from farming the cotton, hand spinning, hand weaving, dyeing, hand block printing, designing and stitching of the garments. Along with that, they get introduced to the artisans and their life. A child can also leave a message, which we are committed to pass on to the artisan.”

Moral Fibre also takes photographs of the processes by which its fabric have been produced, which are then shared with the buyer. With the internet and social media, Ms Amin says that she wants it to become the norm that customers can access information about how their clothes are made.


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