Heartbroken, suicidal man stopped from jumping off roof

Sharjah: A 21-year-old man was saved from a suicidal plunge to certain death, from atop a 10-storey building in Sharjah’s Al Qassimia area on Wednesday evening.

The man was straddling the edge of the building’s roof as an anxious crowd looked on from below, police said.

His brother and a group of his friends informed the police, who guided them on how to deal with the situation before they reached the building.

They distracted the suicidal man by talking to him. His brother and friends then grabbed the distraught man by the waist and pinned him to the wall to prevent his fall.

Police believed the man was threatening to commit suicide because of family issues. He hadn’t eaten for three days, according to his family.

Further investigations revealed that his girlfriend had reportedly called off their relationship after four years.

The youngster was admitted to hospital for observation, given his distressed state.

The incident is being investigated by Al Gharb police station officers.

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