Here’s why a Pakistan Railway offical applied for 730 days of leave

Dubai: A Pakistan Railways official has reportedly sought an LFP (leave on full pay) for 730 days.

In a leave application that went viral on social media, Mohammad Hanif Gul, a Grade-20 officer, wrote that he found it impossible to work with the new Federal Minister for Railways, Shaikh Rashid Ahmad due to his “attitude” that Gul said was “nonprofessional and ill-mannered.”

Ahmad took office as the new minister on August 20, 2018.

Gharidah Farooqi and a few other journalists from Pakistan tweeted a copy of the application that was shared by many. @GFarooqi wrote: “First jolt to Railways. A senior official applies for two years leave citing nonprofessional and ill-mannered behaviour of new Railways Minister.”

Gul is the Chief Commercial Manager of Pakistan Railways. His letter goes on to read: “As an honourable member of the Civil Services Academy of Pakistan, it is not possible for me to continue to work under him”, and that Ahmad is “fully entitled to work with a team that shares his vision”.

Many Twitter users replied with disbelief at the absurdity of the leave request.

Tweep @SorayaAziz posted: “I am in shock…ߘ?Can someone tell Mr. Mohammad Hanif Gul that when you don’t get along with your boss and all measures have been exhausted, you resign.”

Some added that he cannot go on a two-year-long leave and expect to be fully paid on the taxpayer’s money.

Tweep @WajSKhan posted: “Resign, brother. Resign, or deal with the might and plight of @shkhrasheed. Don’t live for two years on my dime.

Sorry, but this man shouldn’t be obliged.”

And @bilalahmed2k posted: “In which professional world can a true professional ask for 730 days paid leave? He himself is a rotten and an ill-mannered person. The subject of his application reflects his level of professionalism and corruption. You… need to tell him that he gets paid from tax payer’s money.”

However, some doing the authenticity of the application.

Tweep @maliklatif92 posted: “Many applications like this can be shared without any confirmation that it’s true.”


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