High School Principal – CBS Kuwait – Kuwait

Understand and implement the vision and goals for
the academic department based on the 5 five year plan.

Understand student enrollment targets and work
with the business office and senior management to meet those targets.

Communicate effectively both verbally and in
writing with staff, parents, Business office, senior management, students and
local organizations to ensure harmonious and professional work environment.

Attend weekly management meeting (Every Tuesday).



Student centered meetings (As scheduled in the
staff calendar and as needed).

Subject team meetings: Curriculum review &
student concerns (Once in 3 weeks).

Staff meeting (Monthly): Discuss expectations,
provide information, In-servicing & staff concerns.

Continue- stop-start: feedback from teachers
twice a year.

Monthly newsletters to parents to be sent for
review to the Operations Manager on the 25th of every month.

Evaluate the performance of all academic staff at CBS
for 3 years or more, using Charlotte Danielson framework:

Probationary review for new staff to be completed by
October 10th of each year. And then a second review which needs to
be done at the end of the year (due by March 30th).

Returning and new teachers have walkthroughs once every month.

Ensure the optimal utilization of resources available
at CBS:

Educational Resources.

Human Resources.

Space and facilities.

Technology for learning, teaching and

SharePoint and Renweb (School ERP system).

Improve teaching effectiveness and student
achievement as measured through standardized achievement tests (DRA, MAP) and
use of the data management tools (RenWeb system).



Implement high school discipline policy
effectively where there are not just rewards or demerits for actions but motivational tools to develop character.

Implement regular classroom walk-throughs to
improve teacher instructional practice. The walk-through observations are to be uploaded on SharePoint for viewing and discussion with each teacher.

Understand and implement policy and procedures orinstitute new ones where there are none, after deliberation with the senior management.

Deal with the Kuwait Ministry of Education as
required to promote the school or to address problems or issues effectively as they arise.

Organize cost effective professional development
activities which will be beneficial to the students of CBS. All Professional Development (in school or outside) must be implemented in school to benefit student learning.

Planning: The principal when proposing new
programs or suggestions must plan in detail the proposal so that goal/rationale,the implementation process, the costs, the outcomes and the responsible person(s) can be recorded. Detailed plans are essential for approval and implementation.

Ensure that all manuals (particularly teacher and
student handbooks) are updated for the following year by April 30th  of each year.

Proactive & effective communication with the
Director, Operations Manager, HS Vice-Principal, Elementary Administrators, Academic
Coordinator, Social worker, Arabic and Islamic staff, Business office
Coordinator & Business office Staff.

Pay special attention to setting deadlines
and timelines for all activities involving staff, students and for own tasks.
Adherence to deadlines helps staff and students also meet deadlines.

Ensure each classroom has the following posted :

Mission Statement

Work habits

Classroom rules

Class timetable

Success criteria

Visible learning

Levels of student writing.

Vocabulary and relevant formulas.

Plan and orient new staff when they join CBS.

Monitor teacher absence and class coverage on a
daily basis.

Review and sign progress and report cards for all
grades at least two days prior to distribution.  

MSA Accreditation – Update reports for grades 7
to 12.

Plan and coordinate with the Elementary Principal
on :

MSA objectives & mid-term report
(Dec 2017).

Academic and PD calendars.

Emergency procedures.

Common communication to parents.

Make sure that the teachers submit the plan for the
overseas fieldtrip by September 30th of each year.

Ensure that the approval from the Ministry of
Education is obtained by October 15th

Ensure that the lead teacher maintains a blog during
the overseas trip.

Ensure that the lead teacher submits the report
on overseas field trips to the senior management.

All local events and field trips have to be
approved by the Principal before submission to the Ministry of Education for

that teachers enter student grades on RenWeb in a timely manner. Quarterly reports to the management are prepared based on the marks entered. Academic
progress and decisions on improving student learning are made based on the
assessment entries. Therefore, it is important to ensure efficacy and timely
marks entry.

Consolidation and ordering of text books/ manipulatives by November 30th of each year.

Manage student behaviour issues in coordination with the social worker.

Include the Arabic staff in all PD and support them
with effective implementation of the discipline policy.

Ensure that the students from grade 9 to 12 complete community service hours. Expect
that students complete minimum of 10 hours each year.

Ensure that teachers are effectively working in the extra-curricular activities/clubs and
that students benefit from the programs.

Co-Chair the Student Council. Plan the activities for the following year.

Parent Council: Coordinate with the Elementary
Principal to achieve meaningful and lasting contributions to the school; fund
raising, volunteering. Ensure that
teachers are effectively using educational
resources etc.

Should a situation arise where a teacher is needed, the High School Principal should
for a short period handle a teaching role in the High School department.


Plan on an annual basis a forward looking 5 year
plan and update the 5 year plan on an annual basis in coordination with the Elementary
Principal, Academic Coordinator and the Business Office Coordinator. Once
approved, ensure that the goals are implemented effectively.

Ensure that the School Effectiveness Framework is
implemented as planned.

Conduct academic curriculum reviews (Professional
Learning Cycle) every 3 weeks and work with teachers to ensure improvements are

Ensure that all curriculum plans (long range,
unit plans and weekly lessons plans) and assessments are completed on time by
teachers. This Involves regular class room visits to support and evaluate
delivery by each teacher.

Ensure that subject assessments are marked and students
are given descriptive feedback on a weekly basis.

Ensure that teachers submit their exams by :

Semester 1: November 30th   

Semester 2: April 30th

Assist in the effective implementation of
in-school and after school intervention programs to improve performance of

that the teachers use the exemplar lesson plans available on Curriculum Trak or
submit amended lesson plans to the Principal and Academic Coordinator .




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