Hodeida governor warns of Iran’s maritime plot

Abu Dhabi: Dr. Al Hassan Al Taher, Governor of Hodeida, has warned of an Iranian plan to create a maritime crisis in the Strait of Hormuz and Bab Al Mandeb, in order to divert attention from its internal crisis and to undo the renewed US sanctions.

In his statement to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Al Taher stressed the end of Al Houthi control of the Port of Hodeida and other parts of the Red Sea coast is the beginning of the end of Iran’s plan, and that this will ensure the safe passage of international maritime navigation through Bab Al Mandeb and the Arabian Sea.

He added that Iran aims, through the militias in Yemen, to exert pressure on the international community, by targeting oil tankers and trade ships in the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, especially in light of the latest developments related to its nuclear programme and the reimposition of US sanctions.

Iranian officials made statements that directly threatened the security of the strait and other maritime corridors after growing international pressure was placed on the country due to its expansionist policies and its threats to world security and stability, as well as its support for terrorism.

The Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, has warned about the dangers posed by the Iranian-backed Al Houthi militias in Hodeida Port, which has been transformed into a maritime minefield and a base to target oil tankers and trade ships travelling through Bab Al Mandeb and the Arabian Sea.

The attack on a Saudi oil tanker in the Red Sea last month confirmed these warnings and brought back the memory of terrorist attacks carried out by Houthi militias in the Red Sea, upon the directives of Iran.

The militias made several attempts to attack ships crossing the Red Sea. On October 10, 2016, the barge, the “US Mason,” was attacked by an Al Houthi missile near Mokha port, and after only two days, the same barge was attacked again. On January 30, 2017, three Al Houthi ships targeted a Saudi frigate in Western Hodeida, and on July 30 of the same year, a boat was attacked by explosives in Mocha Port.

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