How can Dubai job hiree with name similar to blacklisted visitor lift ban?

I currently live in Pakistan and have signed a contract with a reputable government organisation. They had my security clearance and after that they applied for the work entry permit but my visa got rejected three times. The PRO of the company said that I am blacklisted according to immigration records. I visited the UAE in 2003 on a one-month visit visa and, although I overstayed, I paid a fine for the extra eight days to immigration at Dubai airport. Since then I have not been back. I am sure this issue is because my name is similar to someone else, but the PRO is not giving me the refusal document from the immigration department. What can I do? RA, Pakistan

A person is usually only “blacklisted” if they absconded, so left without giving their employer notice, and did not properly cancel a visa or if there is a criminal case against them. This is not the case here, but RA will need to follow this up himself as this column cannot do so on his behalf. As he visited Dubai, I suggest he contacts the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs – Dubai to inquire about the reason for any blacklisting. The website is at and telephone numbers are 800 5111 (from inside the UAE only) or +971 4 313 999 from outside the UAE. A copy of his passport should have been provided by the PRO to ensure that the right person was checked, particularly where a name is quite common, but it would do no harm to check again and at least find out the reason for the permanent ban. Likewise there is no guarantee that RA will get the result he wants to hear.

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