How this project can ease traffic between Sharjah and Dubai

Dubai: A massive bridge between Sharjah and Dubai is already 70 per cent complete, and authorities have assured that once complete, the project will also have a heavy impact on traffic jams.

Dr Abdullah Mohammad Bel Haif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development (MoID), said the Dh200 million project of Al Badea Bridge on Emirates Road will be completed according to schedule.

Al Nuaimi (second from left) visiting the Al Badea site with a number of officials and engineers.

The bridge is located between Emirates Road and the Maleha highway, which currently consists of six lanes on Emirates Road and three lanes on the Sharjah-Maleha Road.

“The completion of the project will solve the problem of traffic congestion coming from Dubai in the evening, and in the opposite direction in the morning, thanks to the increasing capacity of the road,” said Al Nuaimi. 

The project is expected to increase the capacity of the road from 9,900 vehicles per hour to 17,700 vehicles per hour.


The media outlet Akhbar Al Dar posted an online video of the upcoming project, accompanied with the caption, “The minister of Infrastructure Development visits the project of Al Badea Bridge in Sharjah that is 70% complete, and that will be finished during the third quarter of 2018.” 

On a visit to the site on Saturday, Al Nuaimi confirmed that the bridge is 70 per cent complete and will be ready by the third quarter of 2018, according to the news agency Wam

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