How to avoid Dh500 fine while on the road

Dubai: Driving past a traffic accident is unfortunately common in the UAE.

Statistics revealed by Dubai Police show that 90 people were killed and 1,287 others injured in major traffic accidents between January and September 2017, as compared to 139 deaths and injuries to 1,347 people in the same period in 2016.

But while minor accidents may not necessarily create traffic jams across roads, motorists that rubberneck ultimately end up causing more road delays than the effects of the fender-bender itself.

6 things to do after a car accident in the UAE

The traffic can also get even worse when the drivers involved in the minor accidents decide to stay in the middle of the road, and continue to block traffic while they wait for the traffic police to arrive.  

In a bid to prevent unnecessary delays on the road, Abu Dhabi Police announced that as of December, motorists involved in minor accidents and who do not move their vehicles on the side of the road will face a Dh500 fine for blocking traffic.

As part of its awareness campaign, Abu Dhabi Police launched an educational video clip to educate motorists on how to react during a minor accident, and avoid receiving a Dh500 fine.  

“Moving your vehicle to a safe place after a minor accident demonstrates your good awareness of traffic rules,” said police. 

Top 5 tips on how to drive around an accident

  1. Concentrate on the traffic around you
  2. Drive at a decent speed past the scene of the accident
  3. Be mindful of the vehicles behind you and make sure you don’t slow anyone down
  4. Follow directions of police or other emergency staff, or motorists who help regulate the flow of traffic before police arrive
  5. Don’t endanger yourself and those around you by rubbernecking.



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