Huawei’s Honor 7 set for UAE release

The Huawei Honor 7 smartphone is to be released in the UAE on October 12, the Chinese company said.

The Honor 7 follows the Honor 6 which was launched in May and is available only via

Huawei said that the Honor 7 reached 9 million pre-orders around the world and “sold out in Europe in one day”.

“Honor is already on track to achieve its target of 10 per cent market share in online phone sales in the Middle East this year and will be looking to secure this further with the launch of Honor 7,” the company said in a statement.

Champion slackliner Andy Lewis will “walk across a slack rope between two nail-bitingly high points in Dubai” as part of the launch event.

Huawei was the fourth most popular mobile phone brand in the world by market share in the second quarter, according to data from Gartner.

It had 5.9 per cent market share, placing it behind only Microsoft, Apple and Samsung.

The price of the new device has not been confirmed.

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